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Welcome to Flying Pigs Produce LLC located just outside of Fredericktown, Ohio in Knox County. We want to thank everyone who made 2016 such a success and we are expanding our farming operation for 2017 and have more GMO free, herbicide free and pesticide free garlic available to you and your family.

If you are concerned about what is in the food your family is eating, our goal is to provide you with a healthy alternative. We sell farm-direct wholesale to restaurants, grocery stores and markets in the Fredericktown, Mt. Vernon and Knox County, Ohio area and now offer direct sales to the general public.

Simply contact us to find out the current price we can offer you and for larger orders over $150.00 we will deliver FREE within 10 miles of Fredericktown. We can arrange pickup at our farm if you wish to order ahead for smaller quantities.
As the season progresses, our garlic inventory is changing weekly so be sure to call or e-mail us to let us know what you need and the quantity you would like to purchase.

 garlic bulb size comparison

 Our farming practices at Flying Pig Produce LLC includes:

Companion Farming: Planting vegetables that are compatible to each other and provide essential nutrients to each other.
Raised Row Farming: The soil is thoroughly tilled and then covered in a black mulch. This produces faster, fuller growth and deters pests and weed growth WITHOUT the use of chemicals.
Fertilization with the use of fish emulsion on the garlic plants.
Pest Control with the use of flowers and herbs that deter plant specific pests.
Weed Control using a mixture of vinegar, epson salt and dish washing soap.
We use only garlic seed stock that is GMO Free.

Wholesale and retail premium garlic sales serving the Fredericktown, Mount Vernon and Knox County Ohio area.

Seed Garlic is available at fair prices for people who want to grow their own garlic and not pay the high prices you see listed on many websites.

All garlic sales are picked up here at the farm. We want you to inspect the quality of the garlic we offer.

 We are currently taking advance orders for the 2017 crop.

Contact Us to reserve the amount of Garlic you need.

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